A Three Year Old, a Four Year Old, a Teacher, and School Psychologist deciding to return to work after being lucky enough to spend some time at home. After touring a number of area programs, it became clear that there was a schism between nursery school and extended day programs. Why? Don’t children learn all day long- sponging up every experience in their environment and flourishing with every nurturing interaction?


Time for a change! Recognizing a need for high quality early childhood experiences and extended day programs, we open as The Pennywise Lane School on Main Street in Old Saybrook. Twenty four children, four teachers….art classes, music classes, and after kindergarten groups….we are received warmly in the community.


>After quickly outgrowing our home, we move to Sherwood Terrace and change our name to Sherwood Children’s Corner. We begin with 42 children, using only the present “Downstairs” building. We are closer to town, meaning little legs can take walks to the library and learn about our community neighbors. Seven groups of children, ranging in age from 18 months to after kindergarten, and very happy families with morning, full day or after school options.


Still growing! We open the “Upstairs “ building for our Fours and Pre-K programs. The buildings seem designed for the needs of the varying age groups…home-like rooms for the little ones, and a more open environment for the older Preschoolers, giving them practice with class rooms for kindergarten.


Waiting lists and the gold star! Sherwood decided to distinguish itself from the many state licensed programs in the area by seeking Accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children. We achieve our goal and continue to be accredited to this day.


We become The Sherwood School! After being called a “daycare center” one too many times, we decide to review our mission and nomenclature. Degreed teachers, fine tuned professional development, lesson planning using State Department of Education benchmarks and Assessment practices, excellent family partnerships…we are a school.


We continue to fulfill our mission as a model early childhood program, opening our doors to student teachers, area programs, collaborating with area school systems, offering scholarships to families in need, and making every decision, every day, with the child’s best interest utmost in our mind.