Join us for Open House!

 Since our doors opened 32 years ago, The Sherwood School has welcomed and taught 1,643 children! Our teachers have a combined 256 years of teaching experience. We are a tenured staff looking forward to sharing our expertise and love of teaching with your family.
We invite you to join us for our Open House on Tuesday, September 27th at 6:30. You will have an opportunity to talk to the Director, classroom teachers and currently enrolled families about learning experiences at The Sherwood School and our community of families that has grown over the past 32 years. This evening is for parents only, please. RSVP to Lisa at 860-388-3717, or call to make an appointment for a tour and to visit in the classrooms. We look forward to hearing about your family!

So many vegetables!


Vegetables from home are still coming in from busy gardeners! Thank you for sharing!

It’s Not Too Late!

 September 14, 2016

We still have select openings in many of our programs. Please call today to arrange a tour. Come grow with us!



What is better in the summer than bubbles? Making paintings after making bubbles!

Sherwood gardens!

We have been very busy gardeners at school! We have tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, basil, and more growing in our gardens. We will start going to the Farmers’ Market this week when it opens on Wednesday! IMG_7700




Spring Peek!

The month of May is bringing bird and insect observations throughout the school! Pre-K is using all types of natural materials to build an osprey nest as we continue to make observations of the one outside of our playground. Pre-K and the Threes are about to plant their vegetable gardens and the Toddler Twos continue to water and take care of their flower garden. The Toddler Ones can be found on the playground tracing the path of a beetle as it makes the way through the area. It is a wonderful time to be making nature observations!

Old Saybrook Family Day

October 4, 2015

Come visit The Sherwood School table!

This is what parents are saying at Sherwood!

“Our three daughters attended The Sherwood School. The tone set by Nancy and the Teachers remains the same with an emphasis, always, on what is best for the children. Communication was constant and comprehensive. With such a positive and nurturing start, the girls were lifelong lovers of school. I truly attribute this to their earliest school days. These days Katie is a physician living in New York City. Molly is a very successful business owner in Northampton, MA, and Emily lives in Washington D.C. an works in the field of Public Health. They remember The Sherwood School and Miss Nancy with great affection.”

Former Sherwood Parent


“We have had a great first week back to school. My husband has said repeatedly that the staff has helped make this transition for the kids (and us too) very smooth- so please know that we are deeply grateful! The children seem very happy at Sherwood- so glad we found you!”

Current Toddler and Pre-K Parent


“It was so nice to see him excited for his first day. Your staff is amazing. I would say Sherwood is magic, but I know behind that magic is an incredible amount of intelligence and thoughtfulness. Thank you!”

Current Three Year Old Parent


“As parents themselves, Lisa and the teachers make you feel comfortable. They are so accommodating, so kind, and so understanding.”

Past Pre-K Parent


“I couldn’t have dreamed up a better preschool experience for my daughter! The teachers and staff at Sherwood became more like our close friends and family. I watched my daughter’s self confidence soar while at Sherwood. She was extremely well prepared for Kindergarten. The experience you ad your child will have at The Sherwood School is the absolute best on the CT Shoreline!”

Past Pre-K Parent



Scientists wanted!

As we wrap up our last weeks of Summer Session, we would love parents to join us in the classroom for science experiments! We will be doing an Ivory soap experiment in pre-K on Friday with a Pre-K parent, please join us! Talk to your child’s teacher if you would like to visit. The last two weeks of summer are dedicated to being scientists! Come share in the fun and investigation!