Threes Program serves this busy age with many opportunities for play and making friends. Opportunities to encourage verbalization and the fine tuning of language skills are abundant as the children experience an environment rich with learning centers, early literacy activities, and small group and large group meetings. Open ended questions help to draw language out of the children, and dictation and story writing helps the children understand the value of their words. Process art allows the children to experiment and feel successful in their individual creations. Following direction activities, music and games nurture their independent thinking while helping the children understand step by step problem solving skills, promoting a feeling of confidence and security in group participation.


  1. To create a language rich environment that provides a time for conversations with peers and adults.
  2. To support problem solving and conflict resolution skills in a manner that is caring and respectful.
  3. To meet each child’s need for physicality in a way that includes small and large motor development as well as creative movement opportunities.
  4. To establish the foundations of respect for one another, the classroom, and the greater community.
  5. To encourage child directed activities that create spontaneous opportunities for growth with ever changing materials and activities.
  6. To provide for many small group opportunities during the day with a well balanced curriculum that invokes curiosity.
  7. To instill in every child a sense of belonging and positive self-concept.
  8. To provide an environment that supports the development of friendships.
  9. To encourage self-help skills and allow time for independence.
  10. To work with parents as partners to create an open and honest atmosphere where communication is key.