Fours & Pre-K

This group is kindergarten eligible the following year, and can be considered a one or two year program. In reflecting the Benchmarks of the State Department of Education, and assessing on this basis, we plan for each child’s individual needs, scaffolding development in the Cognitive, Language,Social-Emotional, Motor, and Aesthetic domains. The Extended Day option till 2:00 offers a longer day for children that will enroll in a full day program in Kindergarten the following year. Drama, Creative Movement, Yoga, and Literacy activities are offered. We take Kindergarten Readiness seriously, never losing sight of the fact that independence, excellent self help skills, ability to follow directions, cooperative play and respect for peers and teachers is a recipe for success.


  1. To provide a loving and caring atmosphere where respect is the foundation.
  2. To allow for time for cooperative play in a curriculum that is well balanced and offers developmentally appropriate activities to prepare for Kindergarten.
  3. To meet each child’s need for physicality and provide for ample time for small and large motor development.
  4. To support friendships and respect for others.
  5. To encourage imaginative play in a language rich environment.
  6. To provide a balance of small and large group activities during the day.
  7. To instill in each child a feeling of autonomy and of positive self-concept.
  8. To encourage parent involvement and work with parents to create open and honest communication.
  9. To provide joyful experiences and allow for spontaneous learning throughout the day.
  10. To encourage independence and support confidence in each child.