Each day, the children move throughout the various areas, in small groups, with their teacher.

Morning program will find the children divided into small groups for the structured part of their day at 9:00, after teacher directed free choice. The groups begin with a sharing or group time, when we begin to chat about our theme for the week. Snack follows, often prepared by the children, and our area rotation begins. Activities in art, music, creative movement, poetry, literature, writing center, fine motor, large motor, puzzle, puppet, block, make-believe, and cooking are all part of our regular curriculum, as well as science, water, and sand play.

Activities that teach about similarities and differences are part of our day, as we value diversity. Music classes are part of our transition, Three, Four, and Pre-K curriculum. and full day children lunch close to noon, sharing stories and books about our morning activities or themes. Full morning Toddlers and Threes are picked up by 12:30, and Fours and Pre-K children at 12:45. Pre- K children are also offered the opportunity to join in our “Extended Day Program”, participating in our Heartwood Curriculum activities, Scholastic readers, board games and creative dramatics, with dismissal at 2:00. Children that rest with us begin quiet time with books, classical music, or lullabies. Afternoons are mixed aged groupings, allowing the children to participate in group art, music, or reading activities.

Morning and afternoon circle times present a variety of topics and concepts, from counting in a foreign language, to learning how to sign, and early literacy, pre-writing and math manipulative games. We work together to build social emotional skills, discussing feelings, practicing how to be a friend, and stressing how important eye contact and a smile is when you are spoken to…all skills that are crucial to successful interactions in life.

“After Schoolers” have a “coming home” experience, with snack, homework help, and many choices for enrichment activities, from board games and puppet making, to cooperative games and work in a variety of art mediums.