Toddlers are arranged in groups of 3 or 4 children, ranging in age from 12 to 26 months. The goal of each group is to provide our little ones with many opportunities to take initiative, to be creative, and to participate in a group, asserting themselves as individuals in a warm and loving environment. We use ‘Creative Curriculum’ planning guides, influenced by careful observation of each child and the pattern of their development. Full Morning, and Full Day programs are available.


  1. To provide a loving, caring atmosphere where physical affection is freely given.
  2. To instill in each child a feeling of autonomy and positive self-concept.
  3. To provide a joyful, enthusiastic and spontaneous experience for the children.
  4. To meet each child’s physical needs, and provide ample opportunities for large and small motor development.
  5. To establish the foundations of respect for one another.
  6. To provide a rich environment for the development of language.
  7. To encourage child choice with available and ever changing toys at the child’s level.
  8. To develop self help skills to create a feeling of independence and confidence in the child. (toilet trailing, dressing skills, independent eating)
  9. To invoke curiosity and interest with a balanced curriculum offering developmentally appropriate activities in science, cooking, social studies, dramatic play, manipulative, language, large motor, music and movement.
  10. To encourage parent involvement, and support open and honest communication, working as partners.